100+ Unique 14 Years Together Quotes

14 Years Together Quotes

14 Years Together Quotes: 14 years is a long time. Some of you may not even be old enough to know what the number fourteen means, or why it carries so much significance. But I can tell you: fourteen years is a long time. And it’s just as important for relationships as ever before!

14 years is a long time in this world. It’s like, 1/6 of your adulthood/life. It’s like, half of the time you’ve been alive. 14 years is a huge chunk of life! But that doesn’t mean people stop celebrating.

If anything, celebrating the years together becomes more important as the years go by and marriage takes a deeper hold. That’s why we made this list of 14 Years Together Quotes.


14 Years Together Quotes

  • 14 years together, 14 years of joking around, 14 years of loving, 14 years of friendship, 14 years of fighting, 14 years of laughing crying. I love you, baby!
  • We’ve been together for fourteen years now, through good times and bad. We made it through your cancer treatment, the birth of our child, and my ordeals with bipolar disorder. Through all of these things, our love only grows stronger.
  • I can’t believe it has been 14 years since we met. You have made me so happy and I love you more every day. I can’t imagine my life without you, everything is better with you in it. I am so proud of the man you have become!
  • 14 years today. Wow! And we’re still going strong. More in love every year! I love you more every single day!
  • 14 years ago, I found you. We were so young and full of passion, living life to the fullest. I married you over ten years ago and our life together has been nothing short of amazing! You are my best friend, my soulmate, and the love of my life. I will always cherish our time together. Together we have raised two beautiful children that fill our lives with joy and excitement. Every day together is a blessing and I feel so blessed to have you by my side as my
  • I know that people say “don’t sweat the small stuff”. I am delighted to say… we do. For 14 years, you have made me smile and I have made you laugh. Sure there were days when we had to endure rough waters and almost gave up the ship. But here we are: 14 years later in love and happy as can be!
  • You two were always meant to be together… 14 years together, celebrating a beautiful love! Happy Anniversary! I can hardly imagine a life without you. Throughout the years, your love has been my rock, my comfort, and my reason for being.
  • Through our ups and downs and unforeseeable challenges, I wouldn’t have made it without you. I love you, even more, today than the day I married you in faith nearly 14 years ago. Thank you for all you do — helping
  • We have had so many good times, and have been through a lot of bad ones. Time has passed quickly, but we can’t think of a single day that we would like to change. We love you!
  • We have already fought the toughest battles, cheered each other on through the best times, and cried together. To us, marriage means friendship. It is something that grows every day, without exception. It’s being there when things go wrong as well as when they go right.
  • I love you with my heart, my body, and my soul. You are the one man I have ever truly loved, more than life. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without you here by my side (there is much laughter as well).
  • I love the winters. It is my favorite season and it has become even more meaningful because you and I share our winters together. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love talking to you, spending time with you, and falling asleep in your arms. I feel so lucky every day for meeting you.
  • The 14 years we’ve been together have been the happiest times of my life. There are times that we have had to work at it, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world. You are the love of my life, I couldn’t imagine one day without you.
  • Dear friends, our 14th wedding anniversary is coming up soon. Very soon! Our love for each other has only grown stronger over time. We have been together so long that I cannot imagine my life without you. I can still see myself the day we met, everything about you was so inviting, and it was an amazing feeling, thinking “now I know what love at the first sight means. I am so happy to call you my husband.” And now I get to call you my best friend and
  • Happy 14th anniversary! I am so grateful we found each other, you are the anchor to my soul. With you by my side, my journey in life is complete. You are everything I have ever wanted and more. There could never be another you; my heart is yours forever.
  • It’s been 14 years since we met, and I still am madly in love with you. You are the love of my life and the best husband a woman could wish for. Happy Valentine’s Day to my darling husband who just happens to be a magnificent father as well! I love you, always and forever!
  • We got together almost 14 years ago and I just wanted to say how glad I am that you are in my life. Through everything, life has given us we still stay strong. I love you with all my heart and am so glad you chose me.
  • It’s been our anniversary, I love you more than words can say. Honesty, trust, and faithfulness have seen us through good times and bad. Many tearful moments have passed us by, but we stood strong and earned a lifetime of bliss.
  • We’ve had a lot of fun and we’ve loved a lot of laughs. I’m grateful for all the years that we have shared, the times when we connected, and the times when we drifted apart. We have both grown as individuals and we have matured into the people that we always dreamed of being. I love you!
  • I will always cherish this day that we met and fell in love. We have had some bumps along the way, but I wouldn’t change a thing. You are my soul mate and I will love you forever.
  • Life has been nothing short of wonderful for us. If we never had the chance to meet, it would be like a ship passing in the night, missing certain things that make life wonderful. I will love you until the end of time and more. I will be here for you when you need me and here to share in all your joys in life. I have been blessed with hitting the jackpot with you!
  • 14 years and still going strong! 14 years filled with ups and downs but now contently sitting at the top.


Wedding Anniversary Quotes 14 Years

  • 14 years…wow! It’s been a long road and we’ve come so far. I’ll admit I was scared when I thought this day would never come. I had pictured our wedding day 14 years ago, but not today.
  • Now that the big day is here, I’m overwhelmed by the love and joy I feel for you. We have built an awesome life together and I love you more than ever. To my husband, Happy Anniversary and many more.
  • Hi, honey 14 years is a long time, in which we lived many adventures. I love you very much and wish you all my dreams come true.
  • I love you more today than I did 14 years ago. Our love has only gotten stronger with time. There is no one else I would rather spend these years with. You are my best friend and you always will be my best friend.
  • My love for you keeps growing every day. We have a lifetime to spend together and each passing year will be more filled with love than the last!
  • Our marriage has been 14 years in the making, and I just wanted to say thank you. You are the best husband in the world and I am so glad we met. I hope we have many more years together.
  • I am humbled by both marriage and fatherhood. Marriage means security, comfort, warmth, acceptance, and trust. The thing about marriage is that it is a true partnership; two people who put each other first. Happy anniversary to the woman I have loved for more than half my life.
  • Thanks for the opportunity to stand by your side as you have shaped 14 years of our family’s story. I am thrilled and honored to share hours, weeks, months, and years of whatever comes our way
  • Oh, how us two have come a long way, from awkward teenage lovers to mature and successful ADULTS! It’s hard to believe that it’s been 14 years since we took our vow.
  • Ten years ago, you were the man of my dreams. Congratulations on 14 more years!
  • I want to share a lifetime of happiness with you. As the days go on I couldn’t possibly imagine my life without you. You are my heart and soul, the reason I wake up with a smile. It is a blessing to be able to call you to mine forever…
  • Thanks for being a great friend and an amazing wife, you are one of the good things in my life. Love you with all my heart !!
  • We have overcome obstacles in our love and come out stronger than ever. We are proof that true love can conquer all.
  • Every time you look at me, every time you smile, I fall more in love. You are my best friend, the person I’d choose to share my last breath with. I am so lucky to have found you and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.


14 Year Work Anniversary Quotes

  • 14 Years! Thank you! You’ve worked hard and been the best boss I could ever ask for. You’ve been a huge help to me and I want you to know how much I appreciate it!
  • Congratulations on fourteen years at your job! You must be really proud of yourself! ☺ I hope to see you celebrate another 14 years.
  • It’s been 14 years since our first day together. We have been through a lot, but it has always been worth it. You are the best and I am so glad we met. Happy Anniversary!
  • You have always been there for us, for our company, for me and I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You have done so much for us and I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate everything you have done for us in the past 14 years. We couldn’t have made it this far without your help and support. Again I want to THANK YOU so very much.
  • To Bob, You have been the cornerstone of our business for 14 years. You have served as a great mentor, confidante, and friend always willing to lend a hand. We thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years. Thanks for everything and have a wonderful birthday.
  • To the best boss anyone could ever ask for, thank you so much for all you’ve done for me. The past 14 years have been the best of my life and I feel honored to be part of this company. Enclosed is a gift card to a restaurant of your choice to celebrate our anniversary. Thank you again, enjoy your day!
  • To celebrate fourteen awesome years of friendship, love, and happiness together… I am so grateful that God led me to you! Happy Anniversary my Love!! I’ll always be yours.
  • I’ve worked with you for 14 years and I must say, you make the job worthwhile. You give it you’re all every day and that is why I respect you so much. I don’t know how many more cake and ice cream celebrations we will have, but I hope we continue to work together through them all…and many more!
  • Many people get married and spend half their anniversary day planning another wedding. We have spent half our anniversary day celebrating the gift of friendship that you gave me. I love you so much. With all my heart, Joe
  • Dear, you are a wonderful person who always makes me smile. And I want you to know how lucky I am to have you as my friend. Just wanted to wish you the happiest of birthdays! Enjoy it immensely and have a great time!
  • Marriage does not come with a user manual. I think you should try to write one for your readers! Also, if you have the time, try to do something special with just us this weekend. Nothing too elaborate – just another reason to celebrate.
  • Don’t forget to say thank you to everyone for their cards and presents at work today. Just wanted to say a big thank you for sticking by me through my ups and downs during our relationship! You are so wonderful xx
  • I’ve never felt such a great connection with another person than I have with you. I could talk to you forever, there is never a boring moment with you. To me, you are the most amazing thing in the world.


14 Year Anniversary Quotes

  • Happy 14 year anniversary. I couldn’t imagine spending another 14 years with anyone else. You are such an amazing person and I am so glad I get to grow old with you. I love having a partner in crime to go on adventures with, someone to share my ups, downs, and struggles with, a true friend and lover.
  • There are times when I can’t believe this beautiful relationship is real but your love, support, and warmth have helped me realize that it is indeed very real.
  • Best wishes on your 14th anniversary. The road so far has been wonderful and I hope it continues that way for many more years. May you always have the best of times together!
  • You are my best friend and the most amazing person I have ever met. I just want to thank you for the beautiful life we have built together over these past 14 glorious years. My life has been so full of joy and happiness ever since the day I met you, and I just want to let you know that I love you more than ever.
  • Happy 14 years baby! I look forward to many more years of fun, friends, and family as we continue building our lives together. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t thank my lucky stars for bringing you into my life!
  • 13 years ago today you made me the happiest man on earth when you said yes. You have become my best friend, an amazing mother, and a woman that I truly am blessed to call my wife. You will always be my one and only – Jeremiah
  • I have butterflies in my stomach just thinking about you. You know just how to make me smile and laugh when I need you to. You fill every part of my heart and soul and I love being in your arms at night. Thank you for all you have done, and all the joy you have brought into my life. I love you with all my heart, forever and always!
  • To the man that makes my heart beat faster, you are and always will be my best friend. On the day that I married you, I didn’t know what true love was until now. I can never repay your love for me or the happiness you bring to my life. You are my savior, my rock and I can’t wait to spend every minute of forever loving with you.
  • I have surprised myself with how much I care about you and how much time I can spend not only thinking about you but fantasizing about our future together. Our life will be magical, adventurous and so full of love!
  • I can’t say enough about how lucky I feel to be a part of your life. You always make my heart feel full and inspire me to be a better person. You truly are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you with all my heart.
  • There have been many ups and downs, but with your heart always near, I’ve always felt safe and sound. I hope that as the years go on we grow old together. Just remember that my love for you will never wane…
  • The days, months, and years have gone by fast. I wish we could turn back time, but with every passing day, I realize how much I love you and how glad I am that God sent you to me.


14 Year Anniversary Funny Quote

  • Remember when we got married? That was a great day! 14 years ago you said “I do” and married me. It was the happiest day of my life! I’ve loved being married to you. We’ve had some hard times, but through them all, I’ve still loved you. Happy anniversary!
  • Anniversary card that says “I’m so glad you found me 14 years ago”.
  • Honey, I still love you. I always have and I always will. Happy 14th Anniversary.
  • Congratulations it’s been 14 years. The best thing that ever happened to me was not winning the lottery jackpot, having my name picked on a radio contest, or finding a bag of money on the street. It was to wake up next to you every single morning for the rest of my life. I love you.
  • To Brenda: Hope you’re as happy with me today as you were the day I married you! And 15 more to go!!! Happy anniversary! Love, Your husband Dan.
  • It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been married, every day you wake up next to your honey you still feel that excitement! It’s like the first day all over again! I love you and I only want to grow old with you!
  • I love you in a way that only alters time and space to make it possible. It doesn’t matter where I am, or what I’m doing… my heart is still with you. The most amazing thing about our relationship is that through the good times and the bad, we’ve come out to be a stronger couple.
  • With you, at my side, I feel like nothing will ever get me down! I truly think you are my soul mate. This song perfectly describes how much we rock it.
  • You’ve taught me how to love, how to care, how to be a real woman. Our family has one perfect member – You. I love you! I have a piece of my heart in your hands and I am not afraid to lose it!
  • I love you like a little bird loves to fly. I love you like a little fish loves to swim. I love you like a little bee loves to buzz. I love you like a little cowboy loves his hat.

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